Urea N 46.2

Urea N 46.2

The most concentrated granular nitrogen fertilizer to provide nitrogen to agricultural plants throughout the entire growth and development period, providing plants with all three forms of open access nitrogen: amide, ammonium and nitrate (after transformation in soil). It is suitable for soils with pH < 6.5. Its transformation in the soil results in alkalinization and subsequent acidification of the soil solution.

This nitrogen fertilizer is the most environmentally friendly and harmless to plants, providing a wide range of uses: from autumn application during soil preparation to increase crop quality to use as an anti-stress agent. It is the only form of nitrogen fertilizer for rice.


Provides highly effective nitrogen nutrition with a prolonged effect.

Has a positive effect on extended root formation.

Can be applied in high dosage in a single application.

Increases the protein and oil content of field crops.


Grade granulated
ph 8.0–10.5
Granule strength MPa min. 5.7
Granule composition ≥95% Ø2-5 mm


prilled N
granulated N
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